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April Exhibitions

CHAC South Presents

“Santos y Cruces”

Please Join: Sean Trujillo, Carlos Santistevan, Frank Zamora, Teresa Duran, Jose Raul Esquibel, Sister Roberta Westrick, Catherine Robles Shaw, Roxanne Shaw Galindo, Lynn Fresquez, Judy Miranda, Vanessa Fresquez, Meggan DeAnza, Ron Miera, Al Florence

For generations the southwest has been a melting pot of traditions vastly dominated by Native American, Mexican and Spanish Colonial traditions. One of the oldest and still practiced traditions of expression still continues. An Expressive and powerful art form which combines Art, Faith and culture. This art is what we now know today as Santos, The traditional art form of devotional iconography known for its association with New Mexico and Hispanic Colorado. Santos Making consists of a variety of traditional methods that include handmade pigments, gesso and use of all natural materials native to the Colorado New Mexico Region.
As Hispanic influence dominated the west and the southwest so too followed the Santos art form, people moved and grew into communities, so did their devotional needs. Being separated by distance and having the more mass produced devotional art purchased before arrivingin the outlying areas. The Santeros serviced the need with Bultos, three dimensional carved figures, Retablos, painted wood Panels, and Reredos, alter screens. That same distance helped shape the stylistically unique art form.
Santos tells us the stories, and commemorates significant events: it helps us to express deep sentiment and is in the stand in for that Saint or Presence. Santos art is a deeply rooted expression of Hispanic tradition and Heritage.
This Year we continue Santos y Cruces show held at CHAC gallery in the heart of Denver’s Santa Fe Arts District. This show consists of a collective collaboration of the premiere Santeros and Santeras (Santo artists) from Colorado, most of who are well established in Spanish Colonial Arts community. This show will highlight the traditional techniques and contemporary Santos. Santos Y Cruces show will also highlight an educational background into the history of Santos and the Penitente Holy Brotherhood of Colorado and Northern New Mexico.

Artist Reception:
Friday, April 21st, 6-9PM

CHAC Gallery North Presents

Lisa Sanchez

“I am inspired by the diverse layers of the past hidden beneath layers of paint in our cities and the possibility of change and the vibrancy that change brings.”
Opening Reception:
Friday, April 7th. 6-9PM

Michael Penny
CHAC Member
Myths, symbols, and legends permeate all languages, cultures and lives. The influence mythology has in our most basic traditions can be observed in the language, customs, rituals, values and morals of every culture. One way of understanding a culture is to study the underlying mythological beliefs, the symbols used to represent myths, and understanding the legends of a culture. Such an exploration leads to a greater understanding of the essence of a culture. I try to express the myths, symbols, and legends of ancient cultures through my art.
Maria Lopez
CHAC Member
Maria Lopez was born and raised in Pueblo, CO. She paints large representational abstractions on canvas and other things. She has shown nationally and internationally. Classically-trained in painting and drawing since age 23, she draws inspiration for her art from popular culture. She has an M.F.A. from Boston University, has studied at The Courtauld in England, and has taught art history and studio art at universities in Massachusetts and Colorado.

Megan Deanza
CHAC Member
Megan Deanza is exploring new ways of creativity in this months exhibit
Stevon Lucero
CHAC Gallery
Stevon Lucero paints his profound visions with power and beauty. Visions of Metarealism and Pre-Columbian imagery, Smaller quick pieces are not only affordable, but priced to sell.

Daniel Luna
CHAC Member
Daniel Luna and Lunapparel have creative new Pots Paintings and athletic wear
Robert Martinez
CHAC Member
Robert Martinez has fantastic new visions as he captures the beauty of the Native spirit. the Team Member Detail Here

Joe Martinez
CHAC Member
Joe Martinez will be hanging new inspirational photos from his travels along the Southwest, with prints postcards and a variety of cards available.
CHAC Member
Mpek unveils his is new canvas pieces, This is a MUST see if you have not had the chance to see yet

Tony Ankele
CHAC Member
Tony Ankele has inspirational new pieces and prints available
Yohel Yuriuilca
CHAC Member
Yohel Yuriuilca The breathtaking artist from Peru has colorful pieces inspired from the beauty of his hometown. Trained in Fine arts in Peru his primary basis is to teach and show the public his art and the art of his country.